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What is spring steel strip?

Spring steel strip is used to build springs for a great variety of purposes.

Below especially the cold rolled (carbon as well as stainless) spring steel strip will be described in detail.

The most common production width of spring steel strip is about 300 mm (11.811 inches).
As a matter of course spring steel strip can be slit or cut to length (sheets).

Occasionally excess widths up to one meter (39.37 inches) are accessible.

To describe spring steel strip properly there are mainly two important standards:

1. EN 10132-4 Cold rolled narrow steel strip for heat treatment. Technical delivery conditions. Spring steels and other applications (replaces BS 5770-1:1981, BS 5770-2:1981 and BS 5770-3:1981)

D2. EN 10151 Stainless steel strip for springs. Technical delivery conditions (replaces BS 5770-4:1981)

The main difference between those two standards is how the tensile strength has been achieved (except stainlessness of materials according EN 10151):

In the first case (EN 10132-4) the necessary tensile strength is achieved by a heat treatment (thus this material is available annealed as well as hardened and tempered). The tensile strength of material according EN 10151 is achieved by the cold rolling process.

1. C75S+LC, annealed and lightly cold rolled. In this condition the spring steel strip is easily deformable. It has a tensile strength of 490-640 N/mm2.

After processing the workpiece it can be brought to the favoured strength by heat treatment.

2. C75S+QT, hardened and tempered, tensile strengths of 1200-2000 N/mm2. In this case the strip has already been heat treated to the designated tensile strength. Processing those strips mechanically is more difficult and bending with narrow diameters can cause breakage.
On the other side it is especially suited to laser cut it. In this case standard length sheets of 2000 mm are widely used.

Among the stainless spring steel strips according EN 10151 X10CrNi18-8 (material-no. 1.4310) is one of the most common ones.

The cold-worked condition (+C) is the most common one, with a range of tensile strengths from 1100 N/mm² up to 1900 N/mm2.

IFor a lot of purposes where bending to a certain radius is mandatory, strips with a tensile strength of 1100-1300 N/mm2 are sufficient to at one hand have enough strength and on the other side avoid breakage..

This steel grade 1.4310 is also perfectly suited to laser cut it.

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